Excellent in mobile power supply

Sometimes electricity is only needed temporarily. During work: at construction sites and during industrial projects. During leisure time: at events and festivals.

That is precisely why the power supply must be reliable.

So that the work can be finished on time. The sports achievements can be celebrated. The music will not stop.

Vello Elektro has been a reliable partner for 18 years when it comes to portable power supply. Our power distribution boxes are robust and durable, our extension cables, worklights and cable bridges are solid. We would like to help you to find the exact product that meets your needs.

Where experience leads to expertise

At Vello Elektro, products are constantly evolving. The knowledge that we have been acquired since 2001 in the professional field is constantly being converted into product innovations. By carefully listening to our customers' wishes and keeping a close look at the possibilities new technologies offer, we are able to improve our products continuously, both in terms of durability and functionality.

We work with specialists in the commercial and technical positions, and have a commited production team, that gives just that little bit of extra.

So the 'Vello' guarantees quality, durability, safety and functionality.

Rock-solid. Indestructible.

Vello Elektro in


On february 5th, RTLZ broadcasted an item about Vello Elektro in the tv-show How it's done.

It give a nice insight into our company.

Watch with us!


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