Strong stackable distribution units


The Cubes distribution boxes are versatile, handy to use and durable. They are made of lightweight polyethylene. There are five sizes, which can be stacked with one another due to the characteristic angles. In addition, we offer two smaller models, the mini cubes.

They have many applications:

  • power supply at events
  • construction: large construction projects but also small-scale renovations
  • in heavy industry
  • in shipbuilding
  • on defense deployment projects

overview cubes-series

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The benefits of the CUBES series

Unique stacking system

Due to the unique design of the corners, the distribution boxes can be stacked stably. The different formats can also be stacked on top of each other. Major advantage is a well-arranged and space-saving positioning during use, transport and storage.

Protected location of components

Components up to 125A are protected against falling or bumping because of their recessed position.

Indelible engraving

The mounting plate is made of bicolor polyethylene, which allows a tight and indelible engraving. The plates are scratch-resistant due to the relief.

Recessed smooth surface on the sides: personalize your distribution box!

The distribution boxes are easily recognizable by providing them with a sticker on the sides. Useful for your own administration, but can also be used for advertising purposes.

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Nestable frames

The frames, which can be easily connected of disconnected by means of a latch closure, are nestable. This will save a lot of space dureing transport and storage.

Stackable and compact

Due to the characteristic corners, the boxes can be stacked stably. The compact design makes space-saving arrangements possible, both during use and in the warehouse.

Protection of components

Components up to 125A are protected against falling or bumping because of their recessed location. The lightweight polyethylene is also strong and durable.

Characteristics CUBES-Series

Cubes Detail Stapelhoeken Max300kb

Unique stacking system

The design of the corners ensures a stable stacking.

Cubes Verzonken Cmponenten Max300kb

Protection of components

The recessed location of all components ensures an optimum protection against damage because of falling or bumping.

Cubes Detail Handvat Max300kb

Carry handles

Integrated carry handles on 4 sides, which make them very easy to handle.

Cubesdetail Hijsoog Max300kb

Optional lifting eye

If desired, the CUBES-box can be equipped with a lifting eye.

Sluiting1 Max300kb

Latch closure

The frame are very easy to attach or disconnect by means of a latch closure.

Wielenframestaand Max300kb


Optional with wheelframe. Convenient when used of flat surfaces.


Stackable, lightweight, rock-solid

Widely applicable with many advantages.

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