From original concept to finished product

From quotation to actual delivery, the entire production process is constantly monitored to achieve our goal: a sustainable and reliable end product. A Vello Elektro product guarantees a long service life. That is why we use high-quality raw materials and place high demands on our suppliers. It starts with good advice. A number of our products are focus products. For a great deal of our customers these focus products meet all the requirements needed and they can be delivered quickly. For larger order quantities, customized products are possible: in accordance with all your requirements and wishes, the products are fully designed and engineered by our engineers.

From quotation to actual delivery


Semi automated productiong process

An advanced robot system is used to process almost every product.

Wiring machinery

The wiring is an essential part of the power distribution box. Wire machines are used for cutting and processing the wires.

Quality control

Each distribution box is produced entirely in-house, from milling to final assembly. Before leaving the factory, the boxes are thoroughly tested and checked.

Product engineering

RVS Schroef Messing Insert Max300kb (1)

Stainless steel screws

A stainless steel screw with brass insert, the perfect combination.

Cubes Graveringnummeringreliefplaat Bi Color1 Max300kb

Bi-color mounting plates

For our polyethylene distribution boxes, we use a white plate with a black toplayer. This automatically gives the engraving an indelible color. The surface of the black bi-color plate is scratch-resistant.

Techniek Detail Nummering Stickertje Max300kb

Numbered sockets

Each socket is provided with numbers corresponding to their safety components.

Technical features

  • Insulation class II: each distribution box is double insulated.

  • Degree of protection up to IP67, depending on the chosen components.

  • Impact resistance: IK10. Resistant to mechanical impacts of 20J. Vandal resistant.

  • Metrical connections: the boxes can be easily dismantled.

  • Safety components '+ N': all safety components we apply also switch the Neutral.

  • Hinged windows: the hinged windows are rated IP67 and closed without handsrews or alike.

  • Grips: every box is equipped with functional grips or handles for displacement .

  • Stackable: a large part of our boxes can be stacked on top of each other.

  • Electrical diagram: every distribution box has its own electrical diagram.

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