The PowerSyntax® series is a high quality single pole “PLUG AND PLAY” connector. The system is based on a standard daisy chain format and is fully compatible with other brands, like Powerlock that uses the same system.

The PowerSyntax® connector is mechanically keyed and locked. This way high current single pole connectors can be used in a safe way. The connectors are moisture and impact resistant. Due to the insulated finger tips (red nose) on the contact parts accidental touching of the live contact parts is prevented.

These connectors are adopted by the generator companies, utility companies and the entertainment industry, but they are also employed in many other applications such a military field power, shipboard power, dock side power, building installations and swichgear.


Daisy Chain Hook Up Pattern (5)


Daisy Chain

The daisy chain principle like applied by PowerSyntax® is completely compatible with Powerlock.

Improved locking contact band


Stays in place

The multilouver contact band is the core of this standard of connectors. However, on some legacy connectors, the way the contact band retention system is engineered does not ensure its positive locking. With the multilouver contact band out of its recess, the conductive surfaces will no longer be in contact, impeding the current transfer. A guaranteed positive location is essential for these connectors.


2,5T press

To ensure the efficiency of the connection in any situation, we adopted a solution which keeps the multilouver spring loaded band in
its positive location. The contact band is held in its locked position by a special ring, on which a 2.5 ton. pressure has been applied.


Prevents derailment

This solution prevents derailment of the multilouver contact band.

Optimal grip


The external shell has an ergonomic design which grants optimal handling and grip, also when operating with gloves.

In particular, the sides of the hand grip are specifically designed for easy pushing/pulling of the connector when mating/unmating.


Ergonomics Test (1)
Safety Lock

safety lock


On the Drain connectors, the IP2X protection is obtained through a patented safety lock of the sharp-pointed insulated cap.
This mechanical lock prevents improper pushing the contact inwards with fingers.

Safety guaranteed

New threaded IP2X protection

On PowerSyntax, the touch-proof protection on source contacts features a threaded attachment for improved safety. Since this style of connectors were first introduced on the market, the typically harsh conditions of their everyday usage might result in breakage of the insulation caps, with risks for the operators’ safety as the edges of the metal conductive parts remained totally exposed. Thanks to this solution, the touch-proof cap is positively threaded and then blocked with specific adhesives to make it immovable. This system reduces the risk of breakage as the bond between the protective elements and the live parts is strengthened, while improving safety for the users through reduced exposure of the metal parts, as a portion of the insulating cap will remain in its position on top of the source contact even in case of damage.

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