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Our SPECIALS are products that arise from questions from our clients for very specific applications. They do not actually exist yet, but are developed in response to a specific need, for which there is no standard solution yet. During the development process, various aspects are examined:

  • what need is there;
  • what are the technical requirements for the product;
  • what are the safety requirements;
  • what is practical, user-friendly and durable;
  • and finally: what is the best solution for this.

Vello Elektro has already realized various projects in this way in the past. Below an example.

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You ask, we create

Multifunctional pillar

For the maintenance area of the Francorchamps racing circuit in Spa, 20 stainless steel pillars have been delivered. The columns are equipped with the necessary Cee sockets, a network connection, and a water connection. These columns are attached to the concrete floor by means of a very robust base plate. 

Multifunctional pillar

circuit spa francorchamps

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maximum 40 single core powercables

Lug terminal XL

  • Equipped with 5 bars of nickel-plated copper for 3-phase / N / E (L1-L2-L3-N-E)
  • 8 connections M12 per copper bar
  • Suitable for cables up to 1x240mm²
  • Suitable for a maximum of 800 / 1600A (also depending on the position of the cables)
  • Equipped with flexible cable entry
  • Movable by hoisting or lifting
  • Galvanized steel frame
  • Impact resistant housing, double insulated
  • Powercables behind lockable door
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simple and safe

20201102 DSC0250


Simple and safe

Safety: All phases, N and E can be mounted at a sufficient distance. Simple to connect: just tighten the nut.

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Keeps out dirt and vermin

Dirt and vermin are kept out of the lug terminal as much as possible by means of a specially designed bag.



Multiple versions

On our BLOCKS-T pages you will find our standard lug terminals with 10 connections:

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