Adam Hall's cable protectors are high quality products with a great load bearing capacity.

They can be applied in many areas:

  • trade fairs
  • markets
  • big and small events
  • music festivals
  • shopping centres
  • building sites

Adam Hall Defender-series

The best cable protection everywhere

High load bearing capacity

Easily withstands car traffic, the larger models can even handle heavier truck traffic.

Wide range of application

The Defender cable protectors can be applied in many areas. They protect the cables, protect people against falling and create a safer environment.

Festivals, events, industry and construction...

Endless applications. Protecting both cables and people.

Characteristics Defender cable protectors

Patnted Self Cleaning Defender

Self cleaning hinge

The dirt gathering around the hinges is automatically pushed outwards when opening or closing the lid. If needed, the Defender can easily be cleaned using a high pressure cleaner.

Easy Handling Defender

Easy handling

The larger models are equipped with handles (XXL, III and Midi), what makes them easy to transport.

Modular System Defender

Modular system

Configuration can be adapted to your specific needs. 90° and 45° curves and end-ramps are available.


Easy Lock System Defender

Easy lock system

With a unique lock system, the lid always remains in place, even when cars or trucks run over it. Easy and efficient opening and closing, without needing any special tools or techniques.

Your Logo Defender

Own logo

At larger orders (from 30 pcs.) it's possible to have your own (company) logo embossed in the Defender cable protector.

High Tec Raw Material Defender

High quality polyurethane

Made of new and recycled polyurethane. Resistant against oils, acids and petrol. Fire-resistant. Temperature range for use from -30°C tot +60°C.

Cable protection systems

Robust cable protectors

Defender cable protectors:

  • Protects your expensive cables.
  • Creates a safer environment.
  • High quality product.

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