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Monitoring and managing energy

KEEN Series


Keenly monitor and manage energy.

This unique series of distribution boxes from 32A to 400A measures and visualizes the energy consumed (measurement of voltage, current, power, energy, time and frequency). This makes remote viewing possible for different locations. The Smart quickly provides insight into all kinds of processes, so that these processes can be optimised, costs can be saved and unwanted downtime can be prevented. It is possible to intervene or adjust at distance if necessary.

Monitoring. Wherever, whenever it suits you.

KEEN Insights

All power consumption is visualized centrally in a secure cloud environment. The values of various working environments are easy to read. Adjust and manage: simply remotely.


The SMART series is available in various models from 32A to 400A, but customization for larger capacities up to 1250A is also possible. In consultation, the outgoing fields can also be measured separately. The installation of a switching relay is also one of the options, whereby on the basis of a time schedule, automatic switching on and off when limit values are exceeded, but this can also be done manually via the cloud application.

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Smart Metering Box

Measure. Control. Improve.

KEEN Measurment Box


  • Plug & Play.

        Easy to pair. No assembly required.


  • Monitoring.

        All measurements clearly presented in real time,

        wherever you want.


  • Managing.

        Change or improve if necessary.


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KEEN content


A gateway with SIM card.
An antenna.
A complete energy measurement.
Power supply and loop-through
(32A, 63A, 125A or 400A).

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KEEN solution


Visualize all power consumption centrally in a secure cloud environment.
Gain insight into power consumption.
Eliminate standby power consumption.
Detect unwanted outages.
Warning when limit values are exceeded.

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KEEN extension

Outside and inside the building:
Noise, fine particulates matter and
vibration measurements.
Within the building:
CO2, Temperature and humidity measurements.

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